Red Deer’s Urban Logging Team

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Urban forests offer their main benefits to our communities when they are alive, such as providing shade, cleaning our air and water, giving curb appeal to landscapes and expressing their raw beauty. However, urban logging presents a new opportunity to find value in these trees when they no longer can provide living benefits. Throughout a tree’s life many factors can come into play, like disease, Mother Nature, disasters, developments or other concerns, causing a tree’s life to end.

Shawn Moore, with Eco Tree has teamed up with local wood workers to interlock their talents to create Red Deer’s Urban Logging Team. Shawn has been working with trees since 1991, starting in the seismic industry as a chainsaw lead faller, and in 2005 he started up his own business to tap into the commercial and residential side of trees in the slower seismic months. Now with access to the woodworking community, Eco Tree’s capabilities have increased from just capturing the raw material and milling the logs into useable lumber. The dried lumber can now be turned into a wide variety of wood products not limited to furniture, wall features, play houses, planter boxes, green roofs and micro houses....the possibilities are endless. Becoming a full-circle tree company has pushed Shawn to find the best uses for our trees at the end of their life cycle, and teaming up with local woodworkers has completed the circle to create green, valuable and useful end products that are sought after.

We were recently featured in the Logging and Sawmilling Journal; read the story here!

We Offer Wood Recycling

At Eco Tree, helping clients throughout Central Alberta, we’re proud to now offer wood recycling services. We don’t just take your tree down, we have the capabilities to haul it away and recycle the wood instead of it ending up in the landfill. Contact us if you’re a company/individual looking for ways to obtain LEED credits, custom lumber or live edge pieces.

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Wood for Sale

We also sell firewood! We offer poplar, spruce and pine, priced as follows:

Kindling: $5 per bag

1/4 of a cord: $50

Full cord: $150 (buy 3 and get 1 free)

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